Twig from VideoEgg: advertising response to blog format

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While the increasing popularity of blogs means ever more potential online advertising space, the blogging formats page length also means most adverts disappear after the first few posts.

Not for much longer though, with the introduction of Twig, a new AdFrames unit from VideoEgg, designed to optimise advertising on long Web pages.

Stretching the full width of the browser window, Twig is the industry’s first ad unit that is always at the top or bottom of the frame and has an opt-in full page expansion, allowing advertisers to bring a rich interactive environment directly to the user.

“Twig addresses a key challenge in the online media environment—ads that aren’t in frame long enough to drive user engagement,” said Troy Young, CMO of VideoEgg. “By offering a unit that’s always in view, VideoEgg provides bloggers and publishers with a powerful new way to monetise content. Like everything we do, Twig is performance based and expands to a highly rich full-page experience, so brands love it as well.”

Over the next several weeks, VideoEgg will be rolling out Twig across more than 1,000 blogs and sites in key advertising and publishing categories, and as with the other AdFrames units, Twig is offered with VideoEgg’s cost-per-engagement (CPE) model, ensuring advertisers only pay when a user engages with the advert.

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